Yes...It Is Worth Installing an Alarm on Your Shed!
Advice Posted on July 30th 2015 By Andy Calloway

Yes...It Is Worth Installing an Alarm on Your Shed!

When we envision modern alarm systems, the most common applications will revolve around our homes. These days, however, it’s likely that there’s a lot of valuable equipment in the shed or outhouse. From a vintage motorcycle to expensive car parts and even garden equipment, such products can be quite tempting to the burglar. What are some of the various ways that you can safely secure any valuables that are located within this exterior storage area?


The traditional padlock is not as simple as you may believe. High-tensile steel, inspection indicators, resettable combinations and even clip-on versions are all available. These modern variants will provide superior forms of protection at a price that will not strain a tight budget.

The Digital Age

If your shed is constructed from similar materials to your home, you might want to consider a key-less entry system. This is simply a touch-screen pad that requires a combination to be entered before access is gained. You will no longer be required to take any shed keys with you while out and about while the code itself can be quickly changed if necessary.

Security Packs

Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that your valuables remain safe is through the use of what is known as an entire security pack. These packages contain such items as:

  • A durable and reinforced padlock with a hasp.
  • A cable to secure loose items within the shed or to fasten two doors together.
  • An electronic motion sensor.
  • A keypad for secure entry.

Combination Key Access Points

As opposed to hiding a key underneath a rock in the garden or storing it within your home, the key to a shed can be placed in a secure and weather-resistant case. Only those who know the combination for the lock (and the location of the unit) will have access to the key and therefore, your levels of security can be vastly improved.

Other Means

While the shed itself can be secured with these items, it’s worth considering a deterrent instead. A thief is much less likely to be tempted should the shed be placed within the field of light-activated motion sensors. If the shed has any windows, it may be a good idea to install a set of retractable metal blinds or even iron bars. Always check for structural wear and tear; rotting wood or rusted metal that can provide easy access points.

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