The Speaker That's a Microphone, Too
Geeky Posted on August 10th 2015 By Andy Calloway

The Speaker That's a Microphone, Too

The great thing about working here ate ByteMyTech is you get to see all the new gadgets that are coming on to the market and even better, test them out. So when I saw the Olixar Light Cube turn up, I was the first to try it out.

First off, it’s a speaker, and we already know there are plenty of those about. The number of portable and sometimes miniscule speakers that are about these days is huge. Many of them, however, look pretty much the same and do the same thing. You pair them up to your laptop/phone/tablet, and you play your Spotify playlists through it. OK, that’s fine, but you surely only need one of those?

Now, a couple of weeks ago while I was listening to one such playlist via my phone, it rang. The music stopped, and I could then answer the phone. The thing is, I’d left my phone on the other side of the office being charged, so I had to get up to answer it.

It’s 2015, why should I need to get up? Terrible state of affairs.

It seems this little cube has the answer.

Not only is it a accomplished little speaker with a good amount of bass for its size, it’s also got a microphone so you can answer calls. When a call’s coming in, press to answer it, simple.

I had to try it out, so I set up the phone on the charging shelf, started my playlist and emailed a colleague to call me. A few minutes later, the music faded, and the speaker rang, I answered.

“Hey Andy, it’s Dave, what’s up?”

“Nothing mate, just trying out a speaker that allows me to answer calls, too!”

“You got me out of a meeting for THAT?!”


Anyway, suffice to say, it’s a cracking little gadget, but maybe use with a little more care than I did.

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