CCTV is Evolving. It's Not Just About Catching Crooks
Advice Posted on August 3rd 2015 By Andy Calloway

CCTV is Evolving. It's Not Just About Catching Crooks

Closed-circuit television systems have always been a mainstay of the security industry. Otherwise known simply as CCTV cameras, these clever devices can often be seen within retail centres, around private property and throughout storage facilities. However, the technology behind CCTV systems has evolved in parallel with computers, software and mobile phones. This has opened up an entirely new category within such an exciting industry. Namely, many of these cameras are now enjoying a much wider spectrum of applications than would have ever been thought possible in the past. So, what are some of the areas in which these novel devices have found a niche? Let us take a more in-depth look at the answers to this important question.

A Diminutive Size for the Home

We should first appreciate that many of these devices do not appear like one would imagine a more traditional CCTV camera. They are much smaller than in the past, and yet the resolution that they offer is truly incredible. So, such cameras can easily be mounted in various areas of the home. One of the most common uses is within the room of an infant. Such an option is an excellent way for parents to be able to remotely monitor their children. As many will be activated by motion or heat (infrared), they will only turn on when movement is sensed.

Elderly Concerns

Some have used these advanced cameras to safeguard the needs of the elderly within a home. For example, a camera could be placed at the foot of a stairway to alert family members in the event that someone happens to trip and fall. Other uses can be on a front porch, in a kitchen or even in a bedroom. As the units themselves are quite small, they will rarely feel intrusive, and some may even completely forget that they are present.

A Safer Playtime

Children have always been known to push the envelope of safety from time to time. This can often be quite stressful for parents, as they will need to check constantly that their young ones are playing safe. With this new generation of CCTV cameras, such a worry can be eliminated. They can be placed in a back garden, they could be focused on a swing set or a few may be fixed to locations around a swimming pool. Some of these cameras also have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. They can, therefore, cover a wider area than would be possible with a fixed unit.

Holiday Concerns

Modern CCTV cameras are also excellent for those who are going on holiday and want peace of mind knowing that their house is secure. Not only are many cameras equipped with night vision technology, but the included software will enable them to record any suspicious activity for hours at a time (thanks to massive memory capacities). Some systems will automatically alert the owner via mobile applications should a problem arise.

These are some of the more innovative uses of the modern closed-circuit television camera. As this technology continues to advance, we should expect their uses to become even more varied and we at Byte My Tech will continue to provide some of the best technology available.

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