Can’t get the kids out of bed for school? Try this!
Geeky Posted on August 31st 2015 By Andy Calloway

Can’t get the kids out of bed for school? Try this!

As the summer holidays draw to a close, you’ll soon be back to the daily battle of feeding the kids, getting them ready for school and eventually taking them there. A word of warning, you’ve got lazy over the past few weeks, and the roads will suddenly busy up.

So, now I’ve cheered you up with that jolly thought, how about we look at a way of squeezing a bit more time out of the day? How about if you could get your little sprogs up earlier, so you’re not rushing around spilling cornflakes all over the floor?

You need an alarm.

Yes, yes, it’s obvious, but one of the big problems with alarms is they can be fiddly to set. My eight-year-old has one in the shape of a Star Wars character, and we let him set it himself. The first few mornings we were awoken at 4 am by the sound of a Death Star attack.

The thing is, it was really fiddly to set. Setting the time of the alarm was a doddle (so we can only assume he had some reason to get up at 4 am), but it was hard to tell whether it was set or not.

Enter the Lexon.

This little beauty is a doddle to set and looks great in whichever one of the funky colours you choose.

And to cap it all, you turn the alarm on or off by turning the unit over. It’s that easy.

For you or the kids

Want to be sneaky, maybe a little bit evil? Set it before you go to bed and then go and pop it in your kid’s room, away from their bed. When it goes off, they’ll have to get out of bed to switch it off!

You probably think I’m a terrible parent. You’re not wrong. 

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