ByteMyTech is about to change the way you think about technology!
News Posted on February 12th 2015 By ByteMyTech

ByteMyTech is about to change the way you think about technology!

Welcome to the the ByteMyTech website. 

Let's start by telling you a little bit about why we built our site and what you can expect from us as experts in home security, home automation and lifestyle technology. 

Sure - There are plenty of places, both online and on the high street, where you can go to buy the latest technology - but we like to think that we offer something different. 

Technology isn’t just for the geeks among us, we know that they can be incredibly useful to everyone. From productivity tools through to essential security, we don’t think anything should be off limits. Our intuitive and easy to navigate website will enable you to find exactly what you want, quickly.

However, we also know that many of you are technological geniuses and you want the best in-depth data possible to enable you to make the best buying choices. We’ve got you covered!

With our links to some of the most popular manufacturers in the world, we have access to all the technical data you could want via our 'tech hub' and product specifications.

Just bought a new CCTV system? Our guides will help you set it up and get it working to its full potential, but did you know you could do much more with it than just see what happened after you have been burgled? For instance, did you realise that some CCTV systems allow you to dial in at any time from any connected device - meaning that you can check on your pets whilst you are at work, or maybe just see if the post has arrived.

Did you know that the latest cameras with sensing technology can even let you know when someone enters a room by sending you an email with a picture attached? Useful for checking who's raiding the biscuit tin as well as when there are burglars about!

Tech support when you need it

Our website will be chock-full of information, guides and 'how-to's that will help you get the best out of your new technology. 

Our technology, your language

Of course, it's no good us giving you all this information if you can't understand it. We realise that many people want to get their new technology working with the least amount of fuss and as quickly as possible. That's why all our guides are tried and tested with a whole range of people to ensure they work. There's nothing more frustrating than a manual that leaves you scratching your head!

We hope you enjoy it - and we would love to get your feedback on what you think of our new site.

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