Big Ice for the perfect Whisky
Geeky Posted on August 26th 2015 By Andy Calloway

Big Ice for the perfect Whisky

My first real taste of whisky was in 1988 when I turned the magical age of 18. For some reason, my relatives decided that if I was going to enjoy alcohol, it may as well be expensive, smoky and burn my lips.

Luckily, I soon got a taste for it. At the time, my uncle told me exactly how to drink a good glass of malt. You should just pour it into a big round crystal glass and glug it back. Sorted.

So, for years I would scoff at those who would put ice in their drink. “Pah! You’re tainting the whisky, ruining the taste” I’d say in my mock Oxford accent. But what did I know?

I soon found a taste for Laphroig. This is a really peaty whisky from the island of Islay (pronounced ‘isla’) and this became my favourite tipple. However it was a rare one to drink because it was expensive and quite challenging. It’s strong and very smoky, but I loved it.

And then someone suggested I pop a lump of ice in it.


“Seriously, try it.”

So, just for a laugh, I did, and a whole new world was opened up. I let the ice melt a bit, which added some water to the whisky and in effect, diluted it a little bit, but something amazing happened.

As you probably know if you’re a seasoned lover of anything alcoholic, if you cool a drink down enough, the taste is taken away. It’s how lager suddenly turns from fizzy poison to quenching summer essential.

In normal circumstances, this is heresy for a whisky drinker. You want the full flavour to hit you in the nose as well as the mouth, but here’s the science bit. As it’s cold, you don’t get the full hit of peaty smokiness as you’re drinking. Instead, as it gets warmed up in the mouth, the smell makes its way up through the throat. This isn’t an anatomy lesson, so you’ll just have to believe me (or look up olfactory senses).

It was a magnificent discovery, but since then I went on the search for the perfect glass with which to enjoy my new favourite tipple. And I’ve just found it!

The Corcikle Whiskey Wedge consists of a silicon wedge that fits into the provided tumbler. You then fill the glass and store it in the freezer until you’re ready to drink. Pull the silicon off and voila, a huge wedge of ice!

Pour your whisky in the glass and you’re ready to enjoy a great drink.

Because it’s a big lump of ice, it’ll stick around for quite a few drams, too!

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