Are House Alarms Difficult to Install? Not If They're Wireless!
Advice Posted on October 8th 2015 By Andy Calloway

Are House Alarms Difficult to Install? Not If They're Wireless!

There's a big misconception with house protection and fitting alarms. For years, the fitting of alarms has been the mainstay of professional installation companies who turn up with vans all over the drive and spend hours feeding cables through all the nooks and crannies of your house. During that day, they will take screwdrivers to cupboards, re-plaster walls, fit wires in places you didn't think had room and then you're done. As if by magic, you have a fully working alarm system.

However, there's not any "magic". These days, alarm systems can be fitted easily, by any homeowner and without recourse to any major upheaval. Of course, knowing that your house will need cables run through it is enough to put many people off. They just can't face the thought of such a fuss, so the house goes without an alarm.

Have you considered the mess if someone broke in?

Maybe what you need is a wireless alarm.

Now, before you run screaming, let me just explain that since wireless systems were introduced years ago, they've come a long way. It's no longer the case that your alarm can be switched off by someone clicking a copied remote from the other side of the street. Also, the microwave oven won't set it off when you're cooking a baked potato and no, the car alarm won't set it when you're in bed.

Wireless alarms are easy to fit, easy to operate and importantly, they're secure.

Not only that, Wireless doesn't just mean that the alarm has a remote with no wires, it also means that the primary unit can actually connect to your home network, making it a more intelligent system. You can often control these systems from your mobile phone or laptop, giving more flexibility than ever before.

Connect an IP camera, and you can see what's going on in your rooms from wherever you are. The applications of wireless alarm systems have grown and developed over the last decade, and they provide a sense of security together with incredible features.

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