5 Really Simple and (mostly) Free Ways to Secure Your Home
Advice Posted on March 24th 2016 By Andy Calloway

5 Really Simple and (mostly) Free Ways to Secure Your Home

Nobody wants to be burgled but, until you’ve had your first bad experience, you might be somewhat blasé about your home security. While there are obvious home protection measures your can deploy such as intruder alarms, additional common sense steps can help prevent being targeted by thieves.

  • Burglars don’t want to be seen and will try to find a way into a property where they’re out of sight from neighbours and passers-by. If you make it hard for them to hide when breaking in, they’re less likely to try.

    Avoid tall, thick shrubbery and trees around your home, particularly around your doors and windows. As much as you value your privacy, you could be putting your home at risk from theft.

    High fences that conceal your property could also be the perfect invitation for a burglar so avoid these too.
  • Don't tempt thieves by leaving your doors and windows open, even when you're in. Avoid having a front door with a glass panel that can be easily broken to access the handle to open the door, or even to pluck your keys from the lock on the inside.

    It may seem like a stupid mistake to make, but it's amazing how many people leave their keys in the lock on the outside of the front door after letting themselves in. This is a perfect invitation for thieves, so remember not to do it!

  • Avoid having belongings either on display or in plain sight that can reveal your wealth. Keep expensive cars, motorbikes and pedal cycles locked in your garage out of sight.

    Try not to display valuable paintings, ornaments and electronics such as TVs and laptops in full view of your windows and, if you do, shut your curtains or blinds to conceal them so thieves can’t look into your home and be tempted.

  • A dog is a great deterrent and burglars who think there’s a vicious canine on the premises will think twice before breaking in for fear of being bitten! It’s also true that a dog’s bark is worse than its bite so a small, but fierce, terrier can be more off-putting than a great big hound.

    Put a warning on your front and rear doors and gates warning people about your dog. This can work well to deter burglars even if you don’t have a dog at all since the mere thought of being bitten can stop many felons from breaking and entering.

  • Install a dummy CCTV camera and put up warning signs on your doors and gates to say your property is protected by CCTV. You don’t have to have a system that’s actually wired and working to make people believe they’re being caught on camera.

    This is usually enough to stop those who intend to break in as no thief wants to run the risk of being identified on a video.

It’s important to remember that you’re not trying to dress your property up like Fort Knox, rather stop it from being an easy target. Observe what measures other residents in your neighbourhood have taken to protect their home security and fine-tune your strategy accordingly. Don't play straight into the hands of burglars!

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