• About ByteMyTech

    ByteMyTech is new, fresh and brimming with technology ready for the gadget hungry people of the UK!

    The team behind ByteMyTech have over twenty years of experience, and we know a thing or two about technology. Starting out with two handymen installing security systems, we’ve grown to a geeky team of 60 engineers bringing peace of mind and the latest in gadgetry to homes and businesses across Great Britain.

  • Scott

    Make it so!
  • Sinclair

    McLovin it!
  • Jake

    Record-breaking performance
  • Home security

    It’s not about ugly CCTV cameras sticking out of every wall. Cameras these days are sleek, trendy and dare we say, fashionable! Secure your home without looking like a cut-down version of Fort Knox!

    Cooking Gadgets

    Spatula, frying pan, semi-automatic stirring spoon…. Yep, don’t put up with boring cooking routines any more, spice up your kitchen action and make food times fun again with exciting and unusual culinary technology!

  • David

    Chief Number Cruncher
  • Stuart

    Facing numbers and reality
  • Phil

    Shaping brand
  • Chris

    Digital Pixel Manipulator
  • Music Fan?

    It’s not just about the music anymore, it’s about looking good while listening to the music. Our range of headphones and earbuds will excite your ears while complimenting your style.

    Festival Fan?

    Going to a festival but want some home comforts? Our store has the latest in tech to help you get the best out of your three days at Glastonbury!

  • Andy

    Grammar Law Keeper
  • Sukh

    Designer of Digital Delights
  • Ben

    Defending earth from bad websites
  • Lee

    Fallout boy
  • Ryan

    Coding from dusk 'til dawn
  • And Much Much More!

    All of this comes with our incredible guarantees and a fanatical love of technology that oozes from our website into everything we do.

    Whether your needs are for business or home, practical or fun, we have the products, the advice, and the support to keep you coming back for more!

    Our friendly and geeky team loves and supports FUNKO POP! vinyl and pop-culture toys that represent each of our staff members on this page. Check out the incredible range of FUNKO POP! figures on their website.